Family Law

Family Law

High stakes domestic disputes require resilience, persistence and incredible attention to detail. Any divorce lawyer can navigate a dissolution of marriage. Hiring the right attorney is critical when there are children, assets and futures to protect.

Case Study:

Before hiring our firm, a woman was trapped in a bad marriage to a property developer. During the course of the marriage her husband took everything he could from her – her house, her retirement money, and everything she had in the bank. He took all that money and squandered it on risky and sometimes illegal property transfers.

Wanting to get out, she went through her divorce without a lawyer. She signed whatever documents her husband’s lawyer drew up and got divorced.

Shortly after her divorce, she realized that the terms of the divorce wouldn’t work for her. She was living in a house owned by her ex-husband, dependent on him paying the mortgage on that house, and had lost the home she had before the divorce to her husband.

She hired the Claiborne Firm to see what could be done. Other lawyers told her that property division in a divorce could not be modified after the divorce was granted. Nevertheless, we decided to see what could be done for her.

First, we had her husband held in contempt of court for not paying the mortgage. He then attempted to refinance the house in a way that would relieve him of his obligation to pay the mortgage and to get her thrown out of the house. We filed a Petition for Declaratory Judgment. That case lasted for several years, including an appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals that we won. All that time our client continued to live in the home free of charge.

Second, while the Declaratory Judgment action was pending, we discovered that our client’s ex-husband had forged signatures on several deeds transferring property, including the deed to our client’s pre-marital home. We filed a Petition to Set Aside the forged deed and for Slander of Title. That case resulted in our client getting back her interest in her pre-marital home.

The Petition for Declaratory Judgment resulted in a settlement whereby our client was bought out of the home she was living in. She also received Quit Claim deeds from her former in-laws to several homes that some people considered worthless. Since we had discovered the forgeries, we knew otherwise.

We recorded the Quit Claim deeds and instituted an action to Quiet Title. Several years later, that case settled with our client receiving a six figure payment for her interest in the homes.

Having been told by others there was nothing that could be done, she hired the Claiborne Firm and got the money she deserved and finally got justice against her ex-husband.