Catastrophic Personal Injury

Personal Injury

When personal injury law firms process their cases like a mill, lives can be further damaged by inadequate compensation and the waiver of rights.

The Claiborne Firm prides itself on its focus on a small portfolio of catastrophic personal injury cases where the stakes require a deep level of commitment and knowledge of the law.

Case Study:

A Claiborne Firm client had an adult son who was killed in an automobile accident. The at-fault driver was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Our client had hired another firm to handle the case. The other firm sent one letter and found out there was only $25,000 in insurance coverage.

Months passed, and the other firm didn’t take any action in the case. The criminal case progressed; the other firm did not provide any emotional or legal support to the client with regards to the prosecution.

After growing frustrated with the first firm, the client fired them and hired the Claiborne Firm. A letter was promptly sent to the opposing insurance company demanding payment of the $25,000 within 30 days. On the 30th day, the company sent a check for $25,000 by courier. We reviewed the check and realized the insurance company made a mistake: they didn’t get a release for their client, the at-fault driver.

We filed suit against the at-fault driver, and the insurance company did not provide him with a lawyer or file an answer – a second mistake. After the case went into default, we obtained a judgment in excess of $10 million dollars for the client. But, the at-fault driver had been convicted of vehicular homicide and was sitting in jail with no money.

We talked with the criminal defense attorney for the defendant and told him that the defendant had a case against his insurance company for failing to get a release and not providing him with a lawyer.

So, the defendant sued his insurance company. Once the mistakes became obvious, that case was settled for over $6 million dollars.

The previous firm thought this case was worth $25,000, and couldn’t be bothered to even work on the case. If the client had hired a high volume, TV lawyer, then they would have gotten the $25,000 and left the case there.

But, due to our careful work and attention, a case might have only resulted in $25,000 turned into over $6 million dollars collected on behalf of our client.