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 Seeking a mediation in your divorce case can save time, resources and hard feelings — allowing you to preserve future family engagement. Attorney William R. Claiborne, The Claiborne Firm: Mediation — or alternative dispute resolution — is a fantastic way to resolve a family law case, and particularly a case that involves custody. Here… Read more »

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STATEMENT: Attorney William R. Claiborne

“We are saddened but not surprised by today’s decision. We have said from day one that Ricky never murdered anyone. This presentment makes that clear. We are heartbroken to learn that law enforcement knew Ricky was not a murderer when they knocked on the door of the family home on Jan. 23rd, and yet still took… Read more »

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NEWS RELEASE: Family of Savannah Police Shooting Victim Ricky Boyd Announces It Will Not Testify before Civil Grand Jury

SAVANNAH, Ga.—The family of Savannah police shooting victim Ricky Boyd announced in writing today that it will not testify during the civil grand jury presentment that the local district attorney has elected to employ this week. (See May 21st attachment). “Ricky Boyd’s family has lost all confidence in the District Attorney’s handling of this case,” said… Read more »