• Welcome to the Claiborne Firm, P.C.

    Welcome to the Claiborne Firm, P.C.

    Welcome to the Claiborne Firm, P.C., Attorneys at Law in Savannah, Ga. We specialize in Civil Rights, Criminal Defense, Catastrophic Personal Injury, and High-Stakes Domestic Disputes. Get Your Free Case Evaluation

  • Introducing the Fair Fight Initiative

    Introducing the Fair Fight Initiative

    With public support, FFI will level the playing field by providing funding to litigate cases and working within communities to bring justice to individuals and their families. Learn More

  • Jailing and Failing the Ill

    Jailing and Failing the Ill

    A Reuters investigation of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison highlights the work of the Claiborne Firm. Read the Story

  • Catastrophic Personal Injury

    Catastrophic Personal Injury

    The Claiborne Firm can provide a free evaluation of your personal injury case. Take advantage of our personalized support to determine the next steps in your recovery. Learn More

  • Family Law

    Family Law

    No two situations are the same. The Claiborne Firm provides individual attention to your family law case to ensure the best outcome for your future. Learn More

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Divorce Mediation | Family Law from the Claiborne Firm, P.C.

Seeking a mediation in your divorce case can save time, resources and hard feelings — allowing you to preserve future family engagement.

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About The Claiborne Firm

The Claiborne Firm is a boutique law firm based in Savannah, Georgia, specializing in civil rights litigation, criminal defense, catastrophic personal injury, and high-stakes family disputes. Ours is a client-centered practice dedicated to taking cases of great social importance in order to affect change toward a more just and civil society.